GS Labs announced new services for digital TV operators

GS Labs announced new services for digital TV operators

GS Labs – an integrated research and development center that brought together geographically distributed units of the GS Group holding company in the end of 2014 – has released updated services for digital satellite TV operators.

GS Labs is the first Russian developer of integrated solutions for digital television operators. Key areas of its activity are development and integration of software products in the field of digital TV and hybrid solutions in related areas. As of today, GS Labs has released and continuously develops the StingrayTV software platform, the Russian Conditional Access System and a number of mobile applications.

One of the GS Labs strategic developments is a new service enabling watching the Tricolor TV channels, broadcasted by the digital receiver powered by the StingrayTV software platform, on the OS Android- and iOS-based tablet. Applications for mobile TV viewing are available in the Appstore and Google Play stores.

With the updated services operators are also able to promptly inform the subscribers about new offers, preventive maintenance and individual suggestions by TV-mail; gather the TV viewing statistics; flexibly adjust the time for informative banners broadcasting for different groups of receiving equipment, including in HD format; provide dynamic content update for StingrayTV receiving equipment, etc.

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