GS Labs has presented an updated EPG for digital TV operators

The GS Labs research and development center (a part of the GS Group holding company) has presented an updated electronic program guide (EPG) for satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV operators. EPG is a highly demanded solution that provides an interactive navigation across available TV content. The GS Labs’ product is compatible with various software platforms and may be introduced to broadcasting projects of any scale and complexity. The updated EPG can be deployed locally or in the cloud.

The electronic program guide, developed by GS Labs, is the advanced solution for flexible digital content management. This updated software product can be integrated with any satellite, terrestrial, or cable broadcasting project across the globe, regardless of the operator’s software and hardware set up. The previous version of the EPG by GS Labs was only intended for satellite TV operators that use set-top boxes based on the StingrayTV interactive platform.

The EPG server’s functionality has increased, which provides a totally new level of navigation across available video content. This software product allows users to search by name, rating or genre, set reminders and determine the channels or sections accessibility. While watching TV, a user may also learn detailed information about the movie or TV show, the start and end time, the date of its release and its cast.

“The electronic program guide helps TV viewers get oriented to a large volume of available TV content. That’s why this solution is highly demanded and applicable for all digital TV environments. The GS Labs’ EPG server is capable of simultaneous processing of over 300 channels and information about the video content is updated several times per minute. By introducing the updated EPG, the majority of satellite, terrestrial and cable TV operators will be able to increase the quality of their services, enhance the value of the content for TV viewers and keep users’ loyalty.” – Maxim Samsonov, Head of GS Labs.

The key feature that distinguishes the updated EPG from similar products in the market is its flexibility in software supplies. The operators are allowed to locally install the program guide to their equipment or use a cloud. The use of EPG in the cloud will reduce expenses on acquiring a full license, the installation of a server or expanding its capacity. The updated software product is optimized for contemporary broadcasting equipment and boasts low requirements for hardware component. This allows launching the system within few hours even using the local installation approach.

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