Mobile Applications

One of the major activities of GS Labs is the development of innovative applications for watching TV and managing TV viewing using smartphones, tablets and other IP devices.


Convenient Navigation

Applications for extended TV viewing by GS Labs speed up navigation through voice search and channel grouping functions.

Voice Management

All GS Labs applications are provided with voice command recognition functions for TV receiver management. Application of speech recognition technology enables the user to switch channels without a remote control and makes navigation easier.

Extended TV viewing

The GS Group holding company is actively developing the concept of global TV, available in any part of the world from any screen. The streaming application, developed by GS Labs, allows the user to watch TV content from a smartphone or a tablet at home, using a TV receiver server unit and Wi-Fi connection.

Content Filtering

Applications supporting EPG (electronic program guide) and recommendation services, containing a wide database of Russian and foreign TV shows, TV series, movies and cartoons for improving content search.

Device Synchronization

Applications for extended TV viewing from GS Labs enable synchronization of the TV receiver with Stingray TV interactive shell, smartphone, tablet and Smart TV unit. This gives the user access to video content, recommendation functions and other useful information from any IP device.