StingrayTV is an up-to-date software program developed by GS Labs for satellite set-top boxes that supports the function of TV viewing in SD, HD and Ultra HD formats. The real Smart TV in your TV set.


The best User Experience

Set-top boxes powered by the StingrayTV platform have a stylish intuitive interface that is thought out and convenient to use for all family members. All functions are tested by a number of studies, ensuring plainness and ease of application. The choice of menu format, wallpapers and icons size allows customizing the set-top box.

Support of Smart TV

StingrayTV allows the viewers to use multiple functions of Smart TV. Today, ability to record films and TV shows is supported, including timer setting for automatic start of recording (Personal Video Recorder, PVR), automatic TimeShift (pause and rewind of the “live broadcast” to return to the missed or interesting episode or to skip flat moments), listening to online radio, app store for even higher customization of the device.

CacheVOD — programs on demand

Modern technology sought-after by many users is implemented in the software platform StingrayTV. Smart function of autodetection of TV programs that are most interesting for a specific viewer allows recording of high demand content transparently for the user, as well as its viewing at any time without the Internet connection. Herewith, all standard functions are available during such a viewing: pause, rewind, etc.

Internet services

StingrayTV allows making the TV a multimedia centre of online entertainment. Online games, support of video hosting services such as Youtube, client for a popular social network – everything that is required. Thanks to the intellectual programming interface of applications, API, it is possible to have an unlimited pool of applications for satellite set-top box.


Availability of the software platform StingrayTV in the digital set-top boxes allows using the tablet or smartphone powered by iOS or Android platform as a smart-touch remote control for quick control of the receiver: switching of channels, setting of recording timers, adjustment of volume, etc. Moreover, voice channel search and navigation through the channels are available. TV remote control is always at hand!


With the consent of the user, all user actions can be collected and processed in order to make the receiver with the software platform StingrayTV select the subscriber’s favorite content, helping to navigate in a variety of shows and channels, and change the interface if necessary. Data is collected in a depersonalized way with a full confidentiality.

Smart advertising

Targeted advertising is necessary and attractive for the user; it helps the operator to offer products and services to the interested viewers. Set-top box with the software platform StingrayTV will be an excellent mediator between the advertiser and customer not irritating the user by excessive advertising while viewing the favorite TV shows.

Variety of transmission media

StingrayTV software platform is suitable to receive and process the signal in all environments: satellite, cable, Internet. At the same time the content can be divided and transmitted in a most optimum manner: live broadcast – via satellite, video on demand – via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Flexible load between servers allows the operator to provide the highest quality of user maintenance and to optimize the use of in-house resources.


StingrayTV is distinguished by flexible configuration and ability to adapt to almost any requirements of the hardware platform. Functionally rich solution based on StingrayTV can be deployed on a variety of basis within a short term.

StingrayTV — is a smart guide to the world of Smart TV!