GS Labs hardware design studio has vast experience in digital TV and audio development. The studio has implemented a number of joint projects with leading world vendors, such as: STMicroelectronics, Broadcom Corporation, MStar, NXP Semiconductor, Texas Instruments Corporation (TI) and Neotion.

Expertise: development of reference boards for SoC and SiP, development of user receiving equipment from Mini IP Client level to Home Media Gateway, research in the field of receiving equipment development.

GS Labs is a longtime technological partner and major developer of HW for consumer electronics under the General Satellite brand and other products released by the GS Nanotech microelectronic product development and manufacturing center.

Software Porting and Integration

Vast experience in digital TV software development. GS Labs performs software porting and customizes existing applications and MiddleWare. Expertise: integration of MW, UI, CAS, which are specific for TV services providers, and also common browsers, low-level drivers, software loaders, implementation of loading and application performance secure modes.


Support of Pay-TV operators, whose end customers use the General Satellite equipment. Clients are guaranteed the timely release and high- quality of updates.


GS Labs Testing Department