GS Labs center for research and development has a fully-fledged Testing Department for checking the quality of finished products.

Before starting large-scale production, subscriber equipment under the General Satellite trade name undergoes the full cycle of comprehensive tests in accordance with international regulations and standards. Only up-to-date highly-accurate equipment from leading world manufacturers is used for tests.

  • 65 TV sets of different brands and models for testing compatibility of General Satellite digital satellite receivers.
  • 5 camera stand servers for stability tests.
  • 12 satellite antennas of different sizes, receiving different types of TV signals. Some antennas are equipped with motorized brackets, which provide signal reception from almost any satellite covering the North-West Region of Russia.
  • 50 satellite, air and cable digital signal modulators for modeling signal with different parameters.
  • 3 multiplexers and equipment for generating digital TV operator services allow for the creation of configurations, which maximally emulate real conditions. Complex compatibility testing detects any deficiencies at the development stage.


A range of equipment is used for signal analysis: oscilloscopes, spectral analyzers, special DVB signal analyzers, attenuators, video signal generators and HDMI analyzers for HDMI outputs (CEC, HDCP) testing for conformance with HDMI Licensing LLC specifications.

Performance testing under high air temperature is conducted using a thermostat.

Thermometer, power meter, programmed load for hardware testing.

Modeling and simulation of user actions: switching the power supply on and off, connection of external devices by USB interface, audio and video inputs.

The automated testing system, based on a black box method, conducts most of the daily regression and loading tests of the products. The system consists of 3 independent servers and equipment for generation of test signals, capture and analysis of audio and video data.

Calibration equipment, used for checking compliance of the tested products with technical specifications, is included in the SI State Register and undergoes annual verifications for the provision of high accuracy measurements.


List of Equipment

Item  Quantity 
AV receiver 3
DVB signal analyzer 4
Signal spectrum analyzer 2
Satellite antennas 12
Air antennas 1
Video signals generator and analyzer 2
Power meter 1
T/T2/C/C2 modulator 17
Satellite signal modulator 31
Multiplexer 3
Equipment for generating operator services 5
Oscilloscope 2
Programmed load 1
Automated testing server 3
Camera server 5
Camera stand 2
TV set 66
Thermometer 1
Thermostat 1


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